30 minute workout

Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you!

You want to lose weight, tone, or maintain? The solution is good old hard work, eating right and exercising.

Besides running, weight training is my choice of exercise. Weight training increases muscle mass, which helps rev that metabolism and burns more calories (lots more than cardio).

Ladies, don’t be afraid to lift weights! I promise you won’t get bulky, we don’t have enough testosterone in our bodies. And most of all, don’t be intimidated by men at the gym. Put those headphones in, have a game plan and work your ass off.

So stop wishing and start doing!

imageThis gym workout killed my upper body & abs. Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think! Also, I put the weight that I used for each exercise just so you have an idea, so find what works for you because everyone is different. Choose a weight that challenges you, but doesn’t kill you.

Be sure to warm up before working out (5-10 minutes won’t kill you), dynamic stretching and foam rolling are my go-to. Lets stay healthy and injury free people!!

[3 sets of each round]

Lat pull downs 15 reps (40#)
Barbell bicep curls 15 reps (30#)
Lateral raises 10 reps (10#)

Mountain climbers 30 seconds

Arnold shoulder press 15 reps (10#)
Barbell row 15 reps (20#)
Tricep dips 15 reps (used bench)

Russian twists 30 seconds

Abs [2 rounds 20 reps each]:

Bosu crunches
Ab tucks with sliding plates
1 minute plank
Side plank dips (each side)


Fitness shots by Prime Photo SD, thanks Marissa!! 


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