29 Weeks Pregnant

Week 29


Week & size of baby: 29 weeks preggo and Cruz is the size of a small cabbage. What to Expect app says she’s roughly 17 inches, 2.9lbs.

Current weight: Waiting to see at my next prenatal appointment at 30 weeks.

Trimester: 3rd trimester.

How many weeks left: 11 more weeks.

How I’m feeling: I’m honestly shocking myself how consistent I have been with my workouts, I’ve worked out 5x this week. I have also made a goal to sign up for a half marathon a few months after giving birth and then hopefully running NY Marathon or Chicago Marathon later in 2017 (if they accept me).

I promise you there are days where I do NOTHING! Not everyday is full of running and strength training. But, I am thankful for how great this pregnancy has been and how supportive my husband has been. I’m lucky enough to not have to work right now and just enjoy working out/cooking/being preg.

Favorite Recipes/Meals This Week:
Spring Rolls with Spicy Peanut Butter Sauce

Baby bump update:

Random Thoughts: I want everyone to know that I am NOT eating healthy 100% of the time. I like to indulge from time to time. This is what I enjoyed this week at Diego Pops in Scottsdale, Brussel Sprout Nachos.

Also, this week I bought fruity pebbles and ate the box within a few days. It hit the spot!

And I want everyone to know that I have been drinking alcohol during my pregnancy. I waited until later in my second trimester and have enjoyed red wine and champagne. Note that I am doing this at my own risk and if you saw how small the glasses are you would laugh. But, it’s nice not to be so uptight during this pregnancy and enjoy myself. I know my baby is just fine and growing everyday!

Best MELTDOWN moment of the week: I cried/freaked out because hubs said he was only going to take off 1 week from work when Cruz is born. I had to collect myself and explain that only 1 week is not enough for all those precious moments when she is so tiny and it’s overwhelming that everything will be in my hands after that. We eventually compromised for him to take off 2-3 weeks or try to work from home some of the time.

I want my husband/baby daddy to be just as involved as I am. I want him to feed her and to spend alone time with her. I want her to be attached to both of us, not just me.

I couldn’t imagine doing this alone and I am blessed to be doing this with my best friend!

Week 29 Workout: 

Sun: 2.5 mile run + 1.6 mile walk

Mon: .8 mile run + Bodi Strength workout + .8 mile walk
{Modified: only did goblet squats and didn’t do step ups, side planks instead of mountain climbers and crunches}

Tues: 1.5 mile run (felt super pregnant today, took it easy)

Wed: Rest

Thurs: Strength/Conditioning class at Body Mechanix with Jo

Fri: .75 mile run + Bodi Strength + .75 mile walk
{Modified: glute bridges instead of russian twists, TRX pull ups instead of Bosu/TRX body saw, lat pull downs instead of pullups/chinups, incline push ups instead of decline pushups}

Sat: Rest – Our BABY SHOWER!!!

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