28 Weeks Pregnant

Week 28


Week & size of baby: 28 weeks preggo and Cruz is the size of a cauiflower. What to Expect app says she’s roughly 16 inches, 2.5lbs.

Current weight: 130lbs, I have gained 13lbs so far. The weight is definitely in my bump and boobs.

Preggo Fun fact: Babies start hiccupping around 28 weeks, I haven’t felt any yet though.

Trimester: 3rd trimester!!!

How many weeks left: 12 weeks until we meet her!

How I’m feeling: My group workouts are fun but I’m having to modify a lot. It’s so hard not to be competitive and want to crush these workouts, but I’ve done well with slowing down and listening to my body.

I’ve also been really exhausted this week. I can only manage one workout, one errand, light housework and cooking in one day. The pre preggo Andy could handle all of that plus school and work. I’m perfectly fine with slowing down and taking it easy, it’s been a nice change.

Favorite Recipes/Meals This Week:
I made the best turkey meat balls with steam broocoli and cilantro lime brown rice.

Baby bump update:

fullsizerender-4 fullsizerender-2

Random Thoughts: I went dress shopping for my baby shower outfit and unfortunately I was unprepared and didn’t bring food. Basically, I ended up going to Taco Bell. This doesn’t happen too often, but I was hangry!!!

Here are a few dresses I tried on, but didn’t get any of them. Finding a classy preggo dress at a non pregnancy store is tough.

img_0258 img_0260 img_0273

Best moment of the week: My 28 week prenatal appointment! Cruz is 2lbs 6oz and in the 16th percentile for height and weight. Overall, it was a great appointment.

AND another amazing moment was running a half marathon with my Baby Cruz!

Week 28 Workout: 

Sun: Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Mon: Rest

Tues: 30 min bike + 15 min booty workout with resistance band

Wed: 1 mile run + 10 min arms

Thurs: .8 mile run + Sweat workout at Bodi + .8 mile walk 

Fri: Spin at Cyclebar

Sat: Rest

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