26 Weeks Pregnant

Week 26

Week & size of baby: 26 weeks preggo and Cruz is the size of an eggplant. According to the What to Expect app she’s around 9.2 inches and 2lbs.

See my bump?fullsizerender-33

Preggo Fun fact: Cruz’s eyes have opened and she can blink. Her movement is more coordinated.

Trimester: 2nd trimester (last week in my 2nd trimester)

Movement: She is kicking like crazy! I feel her stretching and getting bigger.

How many weeks left: 14 weeks

Symptoms: I feel super pregnant and heavy, heavy in the sense that this baby girl is growing so much! Somedays I feel super exhausted and won’t leave the house (cook all day and watch romantic movies on netflix) and then other days I’ll go to spin + run 2 miles. I’m just listening to my body and doing whatever it needs me to do.

Sleep: 9-10 hours

Pregnancy Items: I have been using my pregnancy pillow/wedge like crazy! I use it under my bump, in between my legs, or on my back.

Favorite Recipes/Meals This Week:
Whole Wheat Waffles + Sauteed Apples + Peanut Butter Sauce

This ended up being a super fancy meal and so delicious! Steak, roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus, red mashed potatoes, and sautéed wild mushrooms and onions.


Pregnancy Cravings: I haven’t had any crazy cravings throughout pregnancy but this week I have wanted ice cream!!!! I satisfied this craving with a banana split at Sugar Bowl and then later this week I got homemade Oreo Cheesecake ice cream from Olive & Ivy.

Baby bump update: My bump is definitely growing this week!

Random Thoughts: I’m so proud of myself for consistently making hubs his lunch and snacks for work. For lunch I made him a Mexican inspired Buddha Bowl, Banana Chia Seed Pudding, Banana Bread muffin, 4 Ingredient Date Balls + 1/2 string cheese + roasted turkey, and orange slices. 

Exciting news: We send invites for our baby shower!!!! My Mom and Mother-In-Law are throwing it in our hometown. This won’t be a traditional baby shower, we will have all family and friends – including men and women. This will be more a of celebration of Cruz!

Best moment of the week: Going to Sedona!!!! We drove 2 hours each way and it was so worth it!

Devil’s Bridge Trail in Sedona, Arizonafullsizerender-31

Week 26 Workout: 

Sun: Rest

Mon: 1 mile run + Strength Workout at Bodi

Modified workout: Instead of step ups I did lunges, instead of spidi plank I did side plank, instead of ball slams side-to-side I just threw it down the middle with a wide stance, modify push ups on knees, instead of pull ups/chin ups I did lat pull downs.

Tues: 6 miles {Run details: 6m, 57 mins, 9:17 pace}
**Wore my fit splint during run and it helped a lot!

Wed: Rest (Exhausted)

Thurs: 2 mile {Run details: 2m,19:10, Pace: 9:35}
WOD: 3 rounds – 10 sumo squats, 20 walking lunges, 10 deadlifts (used KB)

Fri: 60 min spin at Cyclebar + 2 mile run

Sat: 4.5 mile hike in Sedona at Devil’s Bridge Trail

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Fit Andy 27 Weeks Pregnant

[…] size of baby: 27 weeks preggo and Cruz is the size of a cucumber. Not sure how we went from an eggplant last week to a cucumber this week, the app must be referring to the length of her. She’s around 15 […]


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