24 Weeks Pregnant

Week 24

Week & size of baby: 24 weeks pregnant & Cruz is the size of an ear of corn! She weighs 1.5lbs and is 8.5 inches long.

Total weight gain: I had my 24 week prenatal appointment and I weighed 127lbs, that’s a 10lb gain.

Symptoms: I am all over the place with emotions, pretty much the same as last week. At times I question why we are making this move, I mean I dropped out of grad school and quit my job! But, I have to remind myself of all the reasons why we are moving. It’s not easy to do when your hormones are through the roof but I’m taking it a day at a time.

Cooking/Recipes: I have been craving Coldstone but instead of giving in I made Black Bean Brownies.

Simple dinners while we are packing for the move. Baked chicken thigh, whole wheat pasta with shredded sharp cheddar, steamed broccoli.

Baby Bump Update: 


24 Week Prenatal Appointment: I had an intense 24 week appointment. I found out that Cruz is now in the 12th percentile for height and weight. This was alarming to hear because just 4 weeks ago at my 20 weeks appointment she was in the 54th percentile. The doctor explained there could be a few reasons for this big change. The first, each ultrasound tech measures the baby differently so it’s not completely accurate from appointment to appointment. Second, Cruz could’ve emptied out her stomach and was just smaller when she was measured at this appointment. Third, she could be small in size because Freddy the Fibroid is taking the nutrients from the placenta. All of these are just possibilities and we won’t know anything until I get further along in my pregnancy.

I literally cried to the doctor when she explained all of this. I feel so helpless and I won’t know anything until my next prenatal appointment at 28 weeks. Until then I will just continue doing what I’m doing and try to not worry so much.

During this appointment I got the flu shot and I received my glucose drink that tests for gestational diabetes. The glucose drink was so awful, I wanted to throw up the entire time but I passed.

Exciting news: I soaked up as much ocean time as I could this week. Enjoy the beautiful photos of La Jolla!
img_8991 img_8993 img_9007

Week 24 Workout: 

Sun: Rest (driving home from Scottsdale)

Mon: Rest

Tues: 3 mile run

Wed: Rest (Finish Line photoshoot with Jarrod)

Thurs: 6 mile beach run

Fri: Rest (family dinner & sunset)
img_9040Sat: 2.5 mile beach walk with family (Moving to Scottsdale, AZ today)
fullsizerender-28And we’re off to AZ!

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