23 Weeks Pregnant

Week 23

Week & size of baby: 23 weeks pregnant & Cruz is the size of a papaya! She weighs over a pound and is 11 inches long.

Symptoms: This is has a crazy/busy week while we prep for our big move to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2 weeks. Everyday has been different, somedays it will hit me that we are moving and I’ll cry and other days I’m too busy to even think that much about it all. I’m allowing myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling because I don’t want to hold anything in and blow up on those around me (mainly hubs). I know this move is what’s best for our family.

Cooking/Recipes: Watermelon, feta & mint salad

More Banana Bread

Baby bump update: She is growing! I am loving my baby bump <3


Random Thoughts: I finally found a bathing suit that holds the girls in and looks cute, thanks Target!

Exciting news: Dana Point adventure with my dear friend Gennah. Our adventure consisted of a beach run, soulful talk, too much pizza, and a beautiful sunset.


Week 23 Workout: 

Sun: 6 mile run/walk with Mattea during Superfrog Half Ironman

I gave my bib to Mattea because I didn’t feel comfortable doing a half ironman at 23 weeks plus there were 10 foot waves during the swim.

She kicked ass and is now a HALF IRONWOMAN!!!!!!
Mon: Rest (tired)

Tues: 1 mile (8:58 pace)
150 jump rope, 25 KB swings
120 jump, 20 KB
90 jump, 15 KB
50 jump, 10 KB
30 jump, 5 KB
1 mile (8:34 pace)


Wed: Rest

Thurs: ~4 mile Beach run + body weight exercises in Dana Point

Fri: Rest

Sat: Rest (traveled to Scottsdale to find an apartment, below is the apartment we went with)

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