21 Weeks Pregnant

Week 21

Week & size of baby: 21 weeks pregnant & Cruz is the size of a banana! She weighs 11oz and is 7 inches long. {Tracking pregnancy through the app What to Expect}

Total weight gain: No idea and not too worried about it.

Symptoms: I am going through every emotion this week and not because I’m pregnant, but because I dropped out of my Nutrition grad program at SDSU. Joey got an amazing job offer in Arizona and we will be moving in a couple weeks. I’m sad, scared, overwhelmed but I see the bigger picture. This move we are making is for our growing family. It’s not about little old Andy anymore, I got a husband and baby to keep in mind when making these hard decisions. I know that I’ll be able to find a similar program at ASU (fingers crossed I get in) and we’ll eventually be back in San Diego raising all 4-5 of our kids. Until then, I will be embracing this change and all the new experiences it brings.

Movement: She is kicking like crazy! It warms my heart to feel every movement of hers, it reassures me she’s growing and learning fundamental motor skills.

My little cousin felt her kick, his reaction was priceless.

Joey is probably so annoyed because anytime she starts kicking me repeatedly I grab his hand so he can feel it.

Cravings: I craved a banana nutty flavor so I made Banana Nut Steel Cut Oats.
fullsizerender-6I have also been craving sweets, but that has nothing to do with this pregnancy. I have always loved sweets but I like to put a healthy spin on it. I made these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies that hit the spot and satisfied my sweet tooth.

I made this amazing kale quinoa salad this week! {Ingredients: kale, quinoa, pomegranates, sliced almonds, oranges, chickpeas, & homemade dressing}

img_9434Pregnancy has brought out the chef in me that I never knew existed! Thanks Cruz <3

Have you started to show yet: I feel like I’m kind of popping!


Random Thoughts: I no longer fit my running fanny pack and I have to use the restroom every 2-3 miles on runs because of the pressure on my bladder (which we all know is due to Cruz growing + Freddy the fibroid). And rowing feels weird with my growing belly, but I’m learning to adjust my form and keep things moving.

I’m already thinking about our next baby!! I want so many damn kids and I’m so happy that hubs feels the same way.

Exciting news: Starting to put together baby shower inspiration on my Pinterest page.

Week 21 Workout: 

Sun: 20 min workout: 1 mile run, 25 burpees with medicine ball, 50 pushups, 100 weighted squats
img_7967Mon: Rowing + Upper Body Workout
1000 meter row
21-15-9 (reps for 3 rounds): Deadlifts, KB swings, Push press
1000 meter row
9-15-21: Deadlifts, KB swings, Push press
1000 meter row

Tues: 6 mile run

Wed: Rest

Thurs: Rest

Fri: 30 mile bike + 1 mile run (7:24 pace)
img_8077fullsizerender-9Sat: 8 mile run in Pacific Beach (4 miles were in sand)

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