20 Weeks Pregnant

Week 20

Week & size of baby: 20 weeks pregnant (5 months) & Cruz is the size of a mango! She weighs 10oz and is 6.5 inches long.

Total weight gain: I had my 20 week prenatal appointment this week and I was 124.6lb, which is a 7lb gain.

Symptoms: I have been feeling great!! Exercising and eating super well 🙂

Clothes: Shorts/pants are getting tighter around the waist and hip area. I’ve been sticking to Lululemon running shorts lately.

Movement: Definitely felt Cruz kick, hope this means she’s going to be a soccer player like her Mama! Something exciting happened this week, Joey and I saw her kick for the first time! It’s one thing to feel it, but to see her kick and have my stomach bulge is insane. I teared up when I saw this for the first time.

Cravings: I have been craving frittatas, full recipe here! I am still just as obsessed with breakfast.


I have been craving sandwiches, so I made a super healthy one full of colorful veggies and homemade jalapeno pesto! Recipe here.

And lately I have been all about Buddha bowls! Basically it’s just a bowl with healthy grains, veggies, lean protein. This meal showcased my new recipe, Turmeric Hummus! Full recipe here.

Have you started to show yet: I have a little baby bump! And I’m starting to get an outtie belly button!!!! I love watching my body go through all of these changes, it’s so magical <3


20 week prenatal appointment: Our 20 week prenatal appointment was this week. By the way, I am now going to a different doctor because we switched insurance. I’m not too worried about changing doctors, just as long as Cruz arrives safely into this world come January 2017.

During this appointment I freaked out because I found out I have a fibroid in my uterine lining. A fibroid is a benign tumor of muscular and fibrous tissue. This fibroid, that I have named Freddy the fibroid, is doing a few things to me that I don’t like. First, it’s growing with my uterus and it could potentially obstruct Cruz’s way out of the birth canal causing me to get a C-section. Second, it’s pushing down on my bladder which is why I have to pee SOOO much more than the average preggo lady. To give you an idea of the size, pre pregnancy Freddy was the size of a walnut and not it’s the size of an orange!

I expected this appointment to be quick and joyful. But, finding out that Freddy the fibroid is causing these things to me really pisses me off. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do, I just have to keep moving forward.

To lighten the mood here are some amazing ultrasound photos of Cruz!


In the second ultrasound photo below you can see her developing brain!!! This fascinates me! img_7924-1 img_7929

Random Thoughts: As much as I want to cry at the thought of possibly having a C-section and not a natural birth, I am doing my best to stay calm. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but there’s this side to it that I had no idea about. There are potential risks and health complications along the way and no one truly prepares you for that.

I have managed to keep things together because of family & friend helping me along the way. Joey has been so amazing and comforting anytime I start to worry. I can’t tell you how lucky I feel to have waited for a man like him and that he is my baby daddy!

Exciting news: I got the cutest shoes from Finish Line!! They are Roshe 2.
fullsizerender img_7794

What Cruz will look like: I honestly have no idea what she will look like but I’m hoping she will get her Daddy’s green eyes and my little button nose <3 img_7887

Week 20 Workout: 

Sun: Rest (sore from 40mile bike ride)
Went bowling at SDSU!
img_7782Mon: 12 mile run with Mattea
img_7819Tues: Rest
Wed: 1 hour spin + weights

img_7874Thurs: 2.3 mile run
I didn’t want to workout today, but just told myself 20 mins! (see my bump?)
img_7904Fri: 60 min bootcamp
Sat: Rest



I know fibroid are scary…I had several…not one…several on the outside of my uterus. They caused me some issue, but settled after a while. I had a flawless pregnancy and my sweet man came into the world w/out any problems and I had him naturally. Don’t be scared…ask a lot of questions! 🙂 It’ll be okay! Praying for you!! 🙂


Aww thanks for sharing! Makes me feel better hearing that it was a smooth pregnancy and natural birth. I am hoping for the same thing!!


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