19 Weeks Pregnant

Week 19

Week & size of baby: 19 weeks pregnant & Cruz is the size of a tomato!

Total weight gain: Haven’t weighed myself since last week, waiting to weigh in at my 20 week prenatal appointment next week.

Symptoms: I have been super tired from planning the gender reveal party, having family over all weekend, and starting grad school. It’s been tough transitioning to a more structured schedule and just being in school mode.

I’m pretty damn excited and proud to be a grad student at SDSU!!img_7665

Sleep: Been sleeping like a baby! I typically get 8-9 hours of sleep and naturally wake up early. I think the good sleep is from the solid workouts and going to bed at a decent time.

Clothes: I have been sticking with loose t-shirts, running shorts, and leggings this week. I think the next thing I buy will be maternity pants.

Movement: I felt Cruz kick!! This is definitely not a flutter but a legit kick. The best part is hubs got to feel it too. Little moments like this is something I will cherish forever.

Food cravings: I’m not craving anything but I am HUNGRY! My appetite has increased, I think my training and growing baby are the reason for that.

I made this yummy Lentil Chili, tons of plant based protein and veggies! img_7713

Have you started to show yet: My bump is growing more and more. My belly button is slowing turning into an outie and for some reason this cracks me up.

I put Burt’s Bee Mama Bee Belly Butter on my tummy every night, it helps with the itching.

fullsizerender-9 fullsizerender-8

Looking forward to: Our 20 week prenatal appointment! In this appointment that will do a 2D and 3D scan of Cruz to check all organs and limbs.

Stuff for Cruz: My nutrition professor from a few years ago had quadruplets and I finally got to meet them!! Katie already had a toddler, Molly, before the quads came into the world. I’ve been obsessed with this family – check out their website and Instagram! Katie was soooo generous and gave me tons of maternity clothes and baby stuff for Cruz!

Random Thoughts: Friday I had a little meltdown. I was exhausted from the week and I cried to my husband. I didn’t want to go to work that day, but I had to suck it up and just go. I hope I don’t make pregnancy look super easy because somedays it can be hard. But I feel lucky that majority of this pregnancy has been lovely!

Exciting news: I made the best lasagna for hubs! I wanted to do something special for him so we had a romantic date at home.

Week 19 Workout: 

Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest
Tues: 48 min swim + 1 mile run
fullsizerender-10 Wed: 3 mile run + 10 mins weights
Thurs: Rest (legs super sore from deadlifts)
Fri: Rest (tired and felt sick)
Sat: 40 mile bike ride (took ~3 hours!)

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