18 Weeks Pregnant

Week 18

Exciting news: Blueberry is a girl!!! All about our gender reveal party here.

We are naming her Cruz Adrianna Arnold <3

IMG_7579 fullsizerender-3

Week & size of baby: 18 weeks pregnant & baby girl is the size of a sweet potato!

Total weight gain: I normally wait until my prenatal appoints to weigh myself but lately I’ve been curious. I weighed 123lbs which is 6lbs gained.

Symptoms: I have felt a little stressed this week because it’s my last week of summer before grad school and I’m planning a gender reveal party!

Sleep: Sleeping good, no complaints.

Clothes: I’m so happy I splurged on new clothes from Lulu last week, I have literally worn everything several times already. All you preggo ladies out there, you have to buy Lululemon Align Pants.

Movement: I think I felt Cruz!!!! It was a very soft/subtle kick at 12am early this week.

Food cravings: I have been obsessed with breakfast! I love knowing that I’m eating healthy/real foods that nourish me and my baby.

Veggie Frittataimg_7522

Poached Egg toast (how to make a Poached Egg)fullsizerender-2

Have you started to show yet: Joey says he can see a bump! I definitely have a little baby bump, it hasn’t popped though.

img_7319 img_7446

Looking forward to: Meeting Cruz. I can’t wait to push her in a jogger stroller, teach her how to cook, teach her how to read, teach her how to play sports (especially soccer), and go on adventures with her and baby Daddy.

Stuff for Cruz: She already has a few onzies from family, a stuffed animal, blue baby blanket, and the most adorable sweater ever.

Gift from her Nana (sweater from Mexico)fullsizerender-4

Random Thoughts: I had to shoot some Reebok product for a Finish Line shoot this week. This was my 3rd shoot since I’ve been pregnant, but the first shoot where I no longer have a flat stomach. The gear I had to shoot was Reebok Hayasu, Leggings, and sports bra.

This was a hard shoot for me, first of all it was really hot outside and I was exhausted. The sports bra was super tiny and barely held the girls. Oh and I got the worse tank top tan because I forgot to wear sunscreen on a 3 hour bike ride. Considering everything that was against me on this shoot, I’m pretty happy with the photos.

fullsizerender FullSizeRender-9 fullsizerender-5fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-7

Exciting news: I already shared this, but it’s a girl!!! Hubs and I are so happy!


Week 18 Workout: 

Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest
Tues: 30 min bike on trainer
Wed: 4 mile run
Thurs: 1/4 mile open water swim
Fri: Rest
Sat: 6 mile run 8:17 pace

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