17 Weeks Pregnant

Week 17

Week & size of baby: 17 weeks pregnant & Blueberry is the size of a turnip (5 inches, 5oz)

Total weight gain: I had my prenatal appointment and I weighed 121lbs, so that’s a 4lb weight gain so far.

Symptoms: I have had the worse headaches this week, and by the end of the week I finally decided to take some medicine. I don’t want to take any medicine unless it’s absolutely necessary. I have also felt very exhausted, it’s been hard to workout this week. As much as it sucks to take a few more rest days than expected, I don’t want to overdo it and make matters worse.

Sleep: I have been sleeping great and somehow I am getting used to peeing often.

Clothes: I have finally bought some new clothes!!! I wanted to buy clothes that would accommodate my growing belly and be able to wear after this pregnancy.

I went to Lululemon and bought the following:
Align Pant II in black (I’m usually a size 2, but got a 4)
V neck short sleeve in army green (this isn’t the exact shirt, but close enough)
Ta Ta Tamer III in baby blue (I have heard great things about this bra even though it’s my first ‘Mom bra, it holds these melons when I run)
Pack it in bra in bright pink (I love it because it has pockets to carry my keys)
Energy Bra in grey & pink (this is my third energy bra, such an amazing bra for working out)
Race Pace shorts in blue (I needed another pair of running shorts and I sized up with these too)
Cool Racerback II in lavender (I absolutely love this tank, it’s my second one. This is a must have whether you’re preg or not)

So, you’re probably thinking holy shit you spent so much money. Well yes, I did. But, all the sports bras were $16 and I really needed some damn clothes. I don’t fit my pants because the waistline is too tight and all my shirts are getting to be too small. And I figured I’m buying clothes that I plan to wear even when I’m not pregnant, so win win. I don’t buy clothes too often but this was something I needed and really wanted. Sometimes we got to spoil ourselves 🙂

Miss anything: Fitting all my cute clothes comfortably! There are so many dresses that are just too small around my waist, but I promise you I will fit into those soon enough. I’m determined to get right back to where I was after Blueberry is born.

Movement: Kind sorta, it’s still hard to distinguish between stomach movement and Blueberry.

Food cravings: Friday night my dinner was Kix cereal and avocado roll!! It was so random but it hit the spot.

Still eating the same other than that random craving…3 Ingredient Waffle topped with pb, chia seeds, and raspberries

Cobb Salad, only the best salad I have ever made!!FullSizeRender-2

Healthy snacks on our mini road trip for our anniversary. I’m all about snacks as you can see!
[Wheat Thins, turkey meat, grapes, sharp cheddar cheese]
FullSizeRender-1Have you started to show yet: I still haven’t experienced the ‘pop’ but I’m trying to be patient. I see other pregnant women on instagram and it’s crazy the size of their bumps. I don’t even look pregnant compared to them. I’m trying not to compare my bump too much and just enjoy where I am at.

But, to answer the question I have a small bump.

FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-5

Looking forward to: Finding out if Blueberry is a boy or a girl. We find out next week!!! (well…I’m 20 weeks right now and I already know what Blueberry is, but I won’t spoil the fun) Sneak peak here: Gender Reveal Fiesta

Get to know Blueberry: Blueberry hates when I eat candy. Blueberry is super active early in the morning!

Random Thoughts: One of my biggest pet peeves since I have been pregnant is other people telling me what I can and cannot do. A word of advice for those that are doing this to me or to other pregnant women: STOP or possibly do your own research/ work on your delivery!!! I feel most people that question my actions aren’t in the place to do so, either they don’t take care of themselves (eat healthy/workout) or they just don’t know what they are talking about.

So, people out there…EDUCATE YOURSELF! Or just trust the fact that I’m doing what is best for my and my baby. For the past 3-4 years I have adapted a healthier lifestyle and have been exercising consistently, I know my body better than anyone else. Trust me when I say I know what I can and cannot do. And being pregnant for the first time, I promise you I’m doing my own research and reaching out to other knowledgable/respectable Mom’s.

Last thing I’m going to say to those that feel they always need to tell pregnant women their opinion: focus on encouraging us to eat well, exercise, listen to our body, and enjoy the journey. Don’t focus on telling us what we need to be doing or what we can’t do.

Okay, I’m done with that. Hopefully you understand how I feel and have a little more perspective.

Exciting news: Joey and I celebrated out 4th wedding anniversary this week. We got away for the weekend and enjoyed staying in a hotel and lounging by the pool.


The birthday boy’s cake & gift (I also got him an iphone 6, he had an iphone 4 for the past 3 years)FullSizeRender-3

Week 17 Workout: 

Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest (Joey’s bday/4th anniversary!!)
Tues: Rest
Wed: 5 mile run (prenatal apt)
Thurs: Rest (tired/felt sick)
Fri: 1 mile run 8:10/pace + upper body workout
Sat: Brick workout – 2 hour bike ride (27 miles) + 4 mlle run (8:32/pace)



Don’t listen to the naysayers. I’d been Crossfit religiously for 3 years when I got pregnant with J. I had a friend literally stop talking to me because I still chose to lift, workout, & do yoga! You keep working out for you and blueberry. You know better than anyone else what’s best for you and your limitations!! 🙂


You have no idea how good that feels to hear from a fit mama like yourself! Thank you for sharing that with me. I am going to continue doing me until my body tells me otherwise 🙂


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