16 Weeks Pregnant

Week 16

Week & size of baby: 16 weeks pregnant & Blueberry is the size of an avocado


Total weight gain: Not sure. Will find out next week when I go to the doc’s for my 17 week prenatal appointment.

Symptoms: I have been having the worse cramps in the middle of the night, must be Blueberry wanting to play!

Sleep: I have been dreaming like crazy, 3-4 wild dreams a night. I had another scary dream of bleeding and losing the baby…getting real sick of those dreams! Joey is really cute when I tell him about my dreams, he reassures me Blueberry is just fine.

We have been going to bed around 9-10pm, it’s been great. I need all the sleep I can get.

Clothes: I’ve been sticking with comfy loose clothing. I’m getting to the point where I going to need to buy new clothes, especially sports bras. I don’t want to buy pregnancy clothes, but just comfy leggings, flowy shirts, and bigger bras.

Miss anything: Not peeing a million times a day!! I have to go pee a lot during runs and when I’m out doing errands.

Movement: Just random flutters, but still not sure if it’s Blueberry.

Food cravings: Avocado roll and miso soup!! I’m so happy my cravings aren’t anything wild like McDonalds (I hate that place).

I made the best chicken fajitas with my cast iron!! Let me say one thing though, I hate the ‘eating for two’ saying. It’s BS!! I’m sorry but you aren’t eating for two and being pregnant isn’t an excuse to treat you & your baby like shit. To be quite honest, in the beginning of pregnancy you should only be eating an extra 200-300 calories – that’s it!!!

Bottomline: treat your body well because you and your baby deserve it! IMG_6959

I have been obsessed with sauteed kale!!! The quinoa bowl below includes: quinoa, sauteed kale, sauteed zucchini, shredded carrots, homemade pinto beans, & cheese.


Anything making you queasy or sick: If I don’t eat immediately after working out. Still doing my best to have tons of snacks and plenty of water on me at all times.

Have you started to show yet: This week I have shown more than before. But, still in that awkward stage of not really looking pregnant.

I would share better photos but the only ones I took I’m in my chonies. When I wake up I have my flat/defined stomach, but then after a meal my stomach sticks out more and I look kinda pregnant.


Above: when I wake up
Below: when I have eaten breakfast


Looking forward to: Our gender reveal party on August 27th!! It’s fiesta theme, so tons of Mexican food and a homemade piñata!

Random Thoughts: We came up with Blueberry’s name!!! If it’s a boy he will be named after Joey’s Uncle and if it’s a girl she will be named after my Grandma.

I went to the dentist this week. I learned that pregnant women are more susceptible to gum disease so it’s important to get your 2 cleanings a year, and floss + brush errryday.

Week 16 Workout:

Sun: Rest
Mon: 1 hour wts with Mattea (tire flips, weighted squats, 50 yard sprints, pull up hangs, dips, burpees)

FullSizeRender Tues: 1.5 hour solo bike ride (20 miles)
FullSizeRender-1 Wed: 6 mile run
Thurs: 1 hour Yoga with the Lymber ladies
Fri: Rest
Sat: 4 mile treadmill (1 mile warm up at 9 min pace, 2 miles at 8 min pace, 1 mile cool down)



I only gained 30# with my guy. I didn’t have any weird cravings, & still ate the same and worked out. I’m a true believer that that’s the reason why he’s super active and loves anything I feed him minus watermelon. He throws it up every time. 🙂


Nice, that’s awesome to hear! That is so funny about him not liking watermelon. I’m excited to meet her and watch her grow!


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