10 Must have newborn products

FINALLY, a real post about the shit you actually need for your newborn. This is NOT sponsored in any way, just one Mama to another about the things I use errryday!


10 Must Have Newborn Products

1. Pacificer

• For some reason I was so against using a pacifier in the beginning. My worse fear was that she’d be 3 years old and still attached to it. But then I realized what’s the big deal and honestly who really cares. It comforts her and calms her down when I can’t handle all the crying. It’s a lifesaver, seriously nothing shuts her up quicker than this – well besides my boob.

Product found here and if you want one with an animal I suggest this here (perfect for when they start to grab things, which was around 14 weeks for Cruz).

IMG_0021 FullSizeRender.jpg

2. Fisher Price Rock n Play

• This thing is amazing and she sleeps and naps in it every day. It vibrates and slightly rocks. Obviously I wish she would use her crib (maybe I just need to try harder with her getting more comfortable with the crib), but this works for now.

We bought it at a consignment shop in Solana Beach, Ca for $26.

Product found here.


3. Zipper full footed onesies

• After a few weeks with Cruz we realized zipper onesies are the best thing ever, especially when we have to change her at 2am (currently not changing her at this time because she sleeps for 8-10 hours a night). I promise that you don’t want to be snapping buttons in the middle of the night when you change your baby’s diaper half asleep/tired as hell.

Product found here.


4. Carseat/Jogger Stroller combo

• It compact (as a carseat + stroller can get) and it’s easy to transfer from stroller to car. I take this bad boy everywhere – the gym, running, walks, grocery store, mall.

Product found here.


5. Changing pad

We use this every time we change her diaper. If we didn’t have this, pee and poo would be everywhere. I just changed her an hour ago and she peed on me the minute I took her diaper off, thankfully the changing pad + sheet caught it all.

Product found here & here.

6. Baby Carrier

• Bought my baby bjorn carrier from a consignment shop in Scottsdale for $8.50, usually runs for ~$50!! I use it when we hike, cook, and grocery shop. It’s simple to put on and she loves being close to me. Nothing is better than having two hands to cook and eat.

Product found here.

**Update: the more weight Cruz has put on the more uncomfortable the baby bjorn carrier is. It digs into my shoulders and hurts my back. I have been looking into the Ergo Original Baby Carrier and finally bought one from Craigslist for $30! I hiked in it for 2 hours last weekend and it didn’t bother me once!

Product found here.


Baby Bjorn above and Ergo below, Ergo is my favorite!!


7.Medela Breast pump

I pump because I want baby Daddy to be involved with feeding her and I want to be able to still have a life (go on dates and have a babysitter).

Lately I have been aiming to have 3-5 bottles in the fridge at all times (breastmilk is good for ~5 days in fridge). This requires me to pump 1x a day. I’m not a big fan of pumping but it helps having a breast pump machine that gets lots of breastmilk in just 10-20 minutes. And you HAVE to buy a breast pump bra and pump both boobs at the same time, it will save so much time.

Product found here.
**Check your insurance before buying, I got mine for free!

8. Medela Calma Breastmilk Feeding Set

• A month or so into breastfeeding I noticed Cruz would latch, unlatch, and then latch again. This would happen several times throughout her 10-30 minute feedings. It started to get annoyed because I wasn’t breastfeeding as efficiently as I wanted. If she stayed latched and just nursed correctly the feedings would be much faster, sometimes I don’t have the time to sit and allow her to play around.

After reading my favorite baby book Baby 411 and talking to another Mommy (who is a pediatrician), Cruz was having pace confusion. What I mean by this is that when she is bottle fed the milk comes out wayyy faster and she guzzles it down and then when it comes time to breastfeed her she gets impatient because the milk isn’t coming out fast enough. Such a hangry little girl!!

So, after talking to the Mommy/peds doctor she said I should get a flow controlled nipple. I immediately bought this nipple, only because I have a ton of Medela bottles, and started using it right away. In a matter of 4 days I already felt a difference. It’s nothing huge but she isn’t latching and unlatching as much as she did before. I also have hubs take breaks when he is bottle feeding her, allowing her to eat for 60-90 seconds and then taking it out for 15-30 seconds or so.

Remember, this is what I have found to work for us. Everyone and every baby is different. I promise you will figure out very quickly what is best for you and baby, just do your research and don’t be afraid to ask other Moms.

Product found here.

9. Bottle Warmer

• 2 or 3 weeks after Cruz was born I started to pump. The reason I took a few weeks was to make sure that Cruz and I felt comfortable with breastfeeding before I introduced a bottle. I knew Cruz and I were ready once breastfeeding became second nature and she latched easily, then I knew it was time to get a bottle warmer. There was no way I’m was going to do it the old school way and boil water blah blah blah…paid $24 and it warms the bottle in less than 2 minutes. It’s genius. Worth every penny.

Product found here.

10. Diaper Trash Bin

• This is something you can’t skip out on buying. Believe me, you don’t want their poo smelling up the whole house. This specific diaper trash bin we have doesn’t let any smell out, I know this because it’s in our bedroom and I sleep 10 feet away from it.

Product found here and here.


Headbands – not a must-have but damn they are so cute on her! Product here

What newborn products are a must-have for you?

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