Mini Chocolate Chip Pancake Bites

When I was little my Mom would make mini blueberry muffins. The smell would fill the house and I just loved how tiny they were. And they tasted sooo good! When I saw a mini muffin tin at the store the other day I HAD to buy it. I want to be able to give my daughter the same kind… View This Post


3 Third Trimester Strength Workout

Tips for Strength Training in 3rd Trimester •Always bring water with you •Eat preworkout fuel – banana, toast with jelly, dates (depends on the type of workout & what your body is used to) •Use the restroom RIGHT before you workout •If anything hurts or feels awkward STOP or modify •Take it easy, this isn’t about getting sore or gaining muscle… View This Post


Waffle Omelet + Roasted Potato Breakfast Burrito

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast burrito? If you don’t, you must be lying to yourself. I decided to make these and freeze them because I’m a new Mommy! A new Mommy as in I don’t always get a chance to make this kind of gourmet breakfast anymore. With a newborn you never know how your day is going to… View This Post


Life with a newborn

Cruz Adriana Cruz already has so much personality! She’s sassy, can hold her head up for a few seconds, has a strong grip (already pulling some of my hair), hugs Mommy and Daddy when she lays on our chest, smiles so much, super fussy when she is hungry (just like her Mommy), snorts when she’s really hungry and trying to latch,… View This Post