15 Weeks Pregnant

Week 15 Week & size of baby: 15 weeks pregnant & Blueberry is the size of an orange Total weight gain: I don’t weigh myself regularly because I think the scale is the devil. I know I’m doing everything in my control to eat healthy and exercise so I don’t pay too much attention to that. I have the same philosophy… View This Post


Veggie Frittata

This might be the best breakfast I have ever made!! And surprisingly enough, this is the first time I have ever made a frittata. My new cast iron has changed my life and given me so much more motivation to try new recipes. Pair this breakfast with a few corn tortillas or some whole wheat toast and you have yourself… View This Post


14 Weeks

Helloooo Second Trimester I feel a lot better than I did in the first trimester. But, from what I hear my first trimester wasn’t even all that bad. I feel very lucky! I’m getting more and more excited to meet Blueberry and be a Mommy. 14 Weeks Week & size of baby: 14 weeks pregnant & Blueberry is the size… View This Post


Cobb Salad + Homemade Greek Yogurt Dressing

It all started with a few hard boiled eggs sitting in the fridge. I didn’t want them to go to waste so I decided to make a Cobb Salad, it was the only sensible thing to do. I’ve also been craving a salad (my Blueberry is going to be one healthy baby). I didn’t want the simple side salad you order… View This Post